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Summer School and Night School Program for Credit

PDF DocumentInformation and Registration Form   


Calendar of Meeting Dates 

Summer Session


May 29 to June 20






June 22, 2017 - *Mandatory/required to attendance. 
(one day - Thursday)

Online Materials deadline



(Materials due by: midnight, Wednesday, August 2, 2017)
Note student must complete the online materials in order to take the final exam.



If student is 70% or above, final exam is waved.



Final Exam in person – Thursday, August 3, 2017

Exam time: Session A - 9 am and session B - Noon. Must pass with a 60%

Program description – The Crestwood High School Summer/Night School Program is offering students a progressive combination of in-class and online learning experience to ensure that curriculum requirements are met. This program is offered only to students at CHS with prior approval from their counselor and is available on a first come, first serve basis. The program was created to assist CHS students towards the goal of graduation.

Steps to enroll in the CHS Summer/Night School Program:

1. Students should sign up to meet with their counselor. 
2. The counselor will determine if a class is needed and assist in selecting the proper class.
3. Pick up or print a registration form. Read, discuss and sign the form with parent or guardian. 
4. Bring the completed form and payment back to the Guidance office. 
5. Obtain a start date from the Guidance office secretary. 
6. Show up on time, on the proper date, to CHS room 306. 
7. Be ready to learn!

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