Pre-payment Options

MIStar Pre-paid Meal System

Crestwood Food Service uses a debit system called “MIStar”.  This system enables us to improve accountability for inventory,  meal counts and even cash income. This system allows students and parents the convenience of depositing money into the student’s account  to pay for meals.  Students memorize their student numbers and enter them into the  number pad at each register to purchase food. We find that students who keep money in their accounts are getting through the lines faster and because free and reduced benefits are computerized, student confidentiality is maintained.  Students must have money in their accounts or in hand to purchase food. You may send in  deposits of any amount over $5.00 at any time. Please make checks payable to “Crestwood Food Service”. To make deposits, students or parents may bring deposits to the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch periods. The deposit is made to each student’s account and then the account will be  debited for the purchase of meals, drinks and snacks. Any check returned by the bank will incur a charge. Balances remaining at the end of the school year will be carried over into the next year.

Our system is a debit system and NOT a credit account  

Money must be in the account to use the system.  Please keep careful records of your deposits so that your child's meal service is not interrupted.  Your child will receive a cheese sandwich for lunch if there are no available funds.  Immediate repayment is appreciated.