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Phone Tips and Tricks

To check your voicemail when you are away from the office:

Call your phone number
When voice mail starts - PRESS *
When it asks you for your ID - put in extension and PRESS #
THEN - It will ask for your password
Follow the menu prompts

To check messages from someone else’s phone in the district:

Press the messages button
Press the * button
Your extension then #
Your password then #

To forward your calls to voice mail when you don't want your phone to ring:

Press CfwdAll button
It will beep twice
Put in 3000 (the extension for voice mail)
It will then go back to a normal display
Notice that instead of saying 'Your current options' above the buttons, it says 'Forwarded to 3000'
To cancel this, just press the CfwdAll button again

To just leave a voicemail for a colleague without their phone ringing:

Press the messages button
Press #
Dial extension
If you don’t know the extension, follow the prompts

Voicemail TIPS:

Press # to bypass a message
Press 7 to “rewind” while listening to a message
Press 9 to “fast forward” while listening to a message
How to transfer a call by number, not name. Press 1 to hear new message, press 5 to forward. ## (hit it twice) then it will ask for the extension number. Proceed.

Change voice mail message (greetings):

PRESS Messages button
Enter your Password
For set up options - PRESS 4
For greetings and transfer - PRESS 1
To change greetings - PRESS 1
Current greeting is (at this point it will tell you what greeting you are using: Standard Greeting or alternate greeting )
To rerecord this greeting - PRESS 1
Turn on Alternate Greeting - PRESS 2

Change recorded name: (this is just your name)

Press Messages Button
Enter your password
For set up options - PRESS 4
For Personal Settings - PRESS 3
Press 2 – Change recorded name

Other helpful TIPS:

Press the directory button on the right side of the keypad to view missed calls, received calls, placed calls and Corporate directory.


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