Organizations and Clubs


Teachers: Mr. Ridenour, 313-274-7524 and Ms. Rechul, 313-274-7524

Drama Club

Sponsor: Ms. Kolbusz, 313-274-3960

Link Crew

Sponsors:  Ms. Houghton, 313-274-3843, and Mrs. Fink,  313-274-4582

MITES Competition 

Contact: Mr. Meyer, 313-274-3832 

National Honor Society (NHS)

Sponsor: Mrs. Johns, 313-278-2276 
PDF DocumentNational Honor Society Handbook 

Quiz Bowl

Sponsor: Mr. Schabo, 313-274-3877

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Sponsors: Ms. Kuneman, 313-278-0558 

Science Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Johns, 313-278-2276 

Student Congress

Sponsor: Mrs. Ray, 313-274-7500

Yearbook classes produce Crestwood High School's Yearbook

Teacher: Mr. Mason, 313-278-0430