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Special Services

Special Services/Special Education
     For information regarding District Special Services call 313-278-2916

The Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder Website.

Parent Resources for Children with Autism

Special Education Administrative Forms and Procedures
     including MDE State and Due Process Complaint Documents - Revised/New

Information regarding Michigan Special Education Reference (MI-SER)
The MI-SER is designed to combine easy access to IDEA, U34 CFR Part 300, Michigan laws, statutes, administrative rules, and procedural information in a single location.

Social Workers are available at each Crestwood School.
bulletCrestwood High School, contact Mrs. Meussner
     Phone: 313-274-0227     Email:
bulletRiverside Middle School, contact Ms. Valentine
     Phone: 313-274-6794     Email:
bulletHighview, Hillcrest, Kinloch, contact Mrs. Shayoka
     Phone: 313-274-2752

Learning Disabilities Criteria
The Crestwood School District is subscribing to the Wayne County approach to determining a student with a specific learning disability.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004 included important changes in the approaches schools use to determine specific learning disabilities

Based on current research, Wayne county schools are using new methods of assessment and instruction to prevent learning deficits. When analyzing a student's performance and achievement for patters of strength and weakness, the consistencies among cognitive and academic skills are used to identify specific learning disabilities.


Wayne County Process Model of Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Considerations

bullet Understanding New Approaches to the Determination of Specific Learning Disabilities Brochure



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