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MISTAR TeacherConnection is used by District Teachers

MISTAR TeacherConnection with Gradebook
MISTAR TeacherConnection is a web-based application that allows teachers to enter attendance data, and in some cases classroom news, gradebook data, and student class marks directly to the MISTAR database over the Internet. TeacherConnection saves time and affords greater flexibility for teachers, enabling them to access their data from anywhere, at anytime.

MISTAR ParentConnection is available for Parents and Guardians of Crestwood and Riverside Students

The ParentConnection application provides parents secured Internet access to a wide array of their children’s school data, such as classroom news, student demographics, student schedules, attendance activity, class assignments, report cards & progress reports, health & immunizations, transcripts, standardized testing results, behavioral incidents, food service transactions, and e-mail links to teachers, counselors, and school administrators.

Parent Connect Login

Parent Connect Informational Instructions

Parent Connect is currently only available for parents and guardians of Crestwood and Riverside students. For access information, if your student is enrolled at
Crestwood High School contact:
     Mrs. Tata 313-278-0900 or
Riverside Middle School contact:
     Mrs. Kruse 313-274-6792 or

Zangle StudentConnection is available for Crestwood High School Students

StudentConnect is a web-based application that accesses the  Student Information database and provides students with a way to view school data over the Internet. All data is read-only.
    Student Connect Login


Problems with MISTAR

Parents experiencing problems with MISTAR access should contact the school where their student is enrolled.
Crestwood High School contact:
     Mrs. Tata 313-278-0900 or
Riverside Middle School contact:
     Mrs. Kruse 313-274-6792 or
Student information updates should also be reported through the school's administrative office. Contact individual teachers with questions about student's grades and attendance.

Teachers experiencing problems with MISTAR  should contact their building's MISTAR  administrator. Submit a work order through the IT Direct online work order system  if problems persist or cannot be resolved at the building level.

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