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Crestwood Employees in need of an e-mail address should send an e-mail through a personal account to Joanne Walega. She will establish an address and send log-in directions back through the personal account. 

District e-mail service is provided by Google Apps for Education using Google's on-line G-mail and managed at the district level.

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Questions or problems concerning CSD E-mail accounts should be directed to Joanne Walega.

Some notes about suspicious e-mail messages

The e-mail system administrator for the district email is Joanne Walega. Any messages indicating that they are from a generic system administrator should be deleted. Serious messages about our e-mail system will come directly from Joanne or will be forwarded through district or building administration offices.
Unless you are absolutely sure you know what they are and who sent them Do not open any attachments. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR .ZIP FILES
Any email labeled BULK should be disregarded UNLESS you know where it came from.

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Joanne Walega