Student Registration & Enrollment


  • Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Please call 313-278-0906 to set up an appointment!

Crestwood School District is Now Enrolling for the 2022-2023 School Year

Registration for fall enrollment begins in January each year. Crestwood School District Enrollment is based on residency. Please call 313-278-0906 if you have a question about your address being inside Crestwood's boundaries. 

For further questions or concerns please call the number below or Send us a message. 

CSD Enrollment

Phone: 313-278-0906

Recent legislation has changed the kindergarten entry age. The entry age has gradually changed to require children to be 5 years old by September 1st.  

  • A child who resides in a public school district or public school academy providing kindergarten may enroll if the child is at least 5 years of age on September 1st. 

  • Senate Bill 315 (S-2): Revised School Code. Waiver may be available for students turning 5 between September 1 – December 1.


*Parents/guardians whose last name is not the same as that of their child(ren) must also provide proof of their relationship to the child(ren), i.e. marriage license, birth certificate, Probate Court Guardianship Papers, etc., in addition to proof of residency.

The following information MUST BE PROVIDED by the parent/guardian at the time of pre-enrollment.
If the parent/guardian is living with a “host” family, the following applies:

  • The “host” family needs to provide items listed under Proof of Residency listed below
  • The parent/guardian needs to provide a Driver’s License/State ID and two current monthly bills (see Proof of Residency listed below)

Please provide ONE of the following forms of Identification:

  • Driver's License (Showing parent/guardian name and address within district)
  • State ID (Showing parent/guardian name and address within district)
  • Passport (temporarily accepted until driver’s license or state ID is received)
  • Other (contact the Board of Education for questions)

Proof of Residency

Four (4) current proofs, with the name and address of parent, legal guardian, or host. If you receive your statements/bills online, you must print your most recent statement/bill and bring the printed copy with you to your appointment.

Proof of Residency


You must bring in an Original of One of the following:

  • Showing parent/guardian name & address within district
  • Copy to be retained by CSD

You must bring in an Three Current* Originals of the following: 

  • Showing parent/guardian name and address within district



  • Probate Court Guardianship Paper (If applicable)                                                                   


  • Gas and/or Electric Bill
  • Current Bank Statement
  • Cable and/or Satellite TV Bill
  • Telephone Bill Landline/Cellular Plan
  • Auto Insurance Policy or Bill
  • Home Insurance Policy or Bill
  • Payroll or Social Services Check
  • Current Major Credit Card Statement
* A current bill covers a service period ending within 30 days of the date of registration

NOTE - Your landlord must fill out the Landlord Affidavit, and have it notarized with a raised seal and stamp.

  • landlord's information
  • beginning & ending dates
  • ALL occupants in the household

Remember to Enroll

It is strongly recommended that children are enrolled as soon as possible, after January 1, for the Fall.
Contact 313-278-0906 with questions.