Capital Outlay Committee/Finance Committee:  

This committee meets to discuss and review the financial impact of purchases, changes to our facilities, and other necessities for the 10, 20 and 30 year plan for the district.  This committee reviews the proposed budget for the upcoming year, reviews budget adjustments and discusses funding changes and their impact on the Crestwood School District.  Committee recommendations will be reported to the board.

Capital Outlay/Finance Committee Members:

  • Nadia Berry, Chairperson
  • Mo Sabbagh
  • Hass Beydoun

Curriculum & Technology Committee:

This committee meets to review curriculum issues/proposed changes in curriculum and any other curriculum related issues such as textbook purchases, technology etc. that are recommended by the various curriculum committees and reports to the board.

Curriculum Committee Members:

  • , Chairperson
  • Najah Jannoun
  • Hass Beydoun

Personnel Committee:

This committee meets to study recommended compensation issues for administrators, supervisors, and executive assistants and reports to the board.

Personnel Committee Members:

  • Najah Jannoun, Chairperson
  • Nadia Berry
  • Salwa Fawaz

Policy/Handbook Committee:

This committee meets to review proposed policy changes and to develop recommendations for the total Board.

Policy/Handbook Committee Members:

  • Salwa Fawaz, Chairperson
  • Najah Jannoun

Public Relations:

This committee meets to discuss potential projects/ideas that will increase the public’s awareness of the district‘s achievements and activities to present to the entire board.

Public Relations Committee Members:

  • Mo Sabbagh, Chairperson
  • Danielle Elzayat
  • Salwa Fawaz

Security Committee:

This committee meets to discuss matters of district security and reports any recommendations to the board.

Security Committee  Members:

  • Danielle Elzayat, Chairperson
  • Nadia Berry


Contact Information

Crestwood School District

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Dr. Youssef Mosallam

Administrative Assistant

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Administrative Assistant