CHBC 4 Year Old Tuition Preschool

The CHBC Tuition Preschool Program is designed to stimulate the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of the young child.  This is achieved by providing an environment rich with a variety of positive learning experience. 

In order to enroll in the CHBC Preschool Program your child must meet the Michigan Age Requirement. To enroll in the four year-old program your child must be four years-old on or before December 1st. All children must be completely potty trained in order to attend.

The Crestwood School District uses Creative Curriculum in the Preschool classrooms. We also incorporate Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K and introduce letters and letter character that are taken from the Houghton Mifflin Pre-K Program. Both Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K and Houghton Mifflin Pre-K are programs that are used in the elementary school.

Curriculum Information:

Creative Curriculum for Preschool

is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, which are aligned with early learning standards.

  •     Presents knowledge-building studies, that answer the what, why, and how of early childhood education.
  •     Allows for daily opportunities to individualize instruction to meet the needs of every learner.
  •     Addresses the following developmental areas
    •     Social-Emotional
    •     Physical (Large and Small Motor)
    •     Language
    •     Cognitive
    •     Literacy
    •     Mathematics
    •     Social Studies
    •     The Arts
    •     English Language Acquisition
  •      Provides daily opportunity for assessment and is tightly aligned with the assessment tool, Teaching Strategies Gold

Houghton Mifflin PRE-K

is the literacy program that is used at the elementary school. In preschool we introduce the letters and the character for each letter.

Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K Get Set for School™

program introduces school readiness activities for young children of all ability levels. Through music, movement, building, coloring, and multisensory

We at the CHBC Tuition Preschool Program believe that parents are the first and most important educators of their own children.  What happens at home does make a difference!  Parents have many opportunities to aid in their child’s development each and everyday! 

We encourage parents to participate in the following ways:

  •     Help your child to “feel good' about him/herself
  •     Encourage your child’s independence
  •     Read aloud to your child
  •     Take the time to talk with your child
  •     Listen to your child
  •     Discuss what your child did at school each day
  •     Check your child’s back pack for projects and notes
  •     Volunteer in the classroom and/or at school

What Will My Child’s Classroom Look Like?

A typical daily schedule at Highview Preschool will include, greeting time, circle time, snack time, story time, large motor activities, small group learning activities, and choice time. During “choice” time, the children are encouraged to explore a variety of materials and different activities that will aide in developing a wide range of skills. The following are some of the areas that are available to them during choice time. 

The following areas are available daily for your child to explore.

  •     Art Area – Children can paint, draw, color, and more to express their creativity.
  •     Puzzles & Fine Motor Area – Puzzles and other activities are available to practice fine motor skills and problem solving.
  •     The Kitchen/Dramatic Play Area – Children can explore and develop their imagination, role play, and interact with each other socially.
  •     Block Area – There are a variety of different types of blocks that help encourage children to experiment and be creative.
  •     Writing and Literacy Area – Children can write, use alphabet stamps, draw with chalk, and explore other materials related to learning to read and write.
  •     Library Area – There are books in our library with places to sit and read. This is also a place a child can go for a few minutes of quiet time.
  •     Sensory Table – There can be sand, water, or other great materials to feel, explore, and experiment with.

What Will My Preschooler Learn?

CHBC Preschool believes that through daily activities, each child is encouraged to develop and learn the following skills:

  •     develop a good self-concept
  •     increase their self-confidence
  •     interact with adults and other children
  •     increase their use and understanding of language
  •     explore and adapt to their ever changing environment
  •     follow simple directions
  •     have an interest in reading books and telling stories
  •     remember and repeat simple rhymes and songs
  •     recognize basic shapes and colors
  •     develop basic number skills
  •     begin to recognize letters and the sounds they make

Contact Information

SACC, GSRP & Preschool Programs  Office

Cherry Hill
1045 N Gulley Rd. 
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127


To speak with someone in Arabic, please call 313-274-3058, and someone will call you back.