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The Crestwood School District, together with the community, prepares learners to be their best in a global and diverse society by:

  • Providing rigorous, relevant and engaging instruction in a safe nurturing environment

  • Creating a culture that maximizes learning through high expectations

  • Promoting students to become responsible citizens.

The Crestwood School District recognizes that students learn in different ways and at different rates. We respect the uniqueness of each learner. We also acknowledge the fact that the most successful schools are those that understand the need for an active partnership between the school and its community.  It is important for parents to "build a bridge" with their child's school, the principal, and their teachers. We want to be partners with you in providing the best educational experiences we can. We value and appreciate your input and support.

The Crestwood curriculum is aligned to the Michigan Academic Standards which can be accessed by going to MDE - Standards - State of Michigan

We Never Stop Learning...

Hello, my name is Joel Fabris, Assessment and Instruction Specialist for the Crestwood School District. This site is to serve as a central HUB for information, resources and communications for all things related to Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. 

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Joel Fabris

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