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Riverside Middle School Student Council Spotlight 2023/24

With anticipation brewing for the coming year, the Riverside Middle School Student Council (RMS StuCo) is gearing up for a transformative and memorable school year. Led by Advisors Christina Adkins & Rashid Baydoun, we spoke with the newly elected council members to get an insight into their plans and aspirations.

Nadim Basha, 8th Grade - President

Reason for Running: Nadim stepped into the presidential shoes with a vision to “make a difference in the school and create a remarkable year for everyone.”

Year Ahead: Aiming for every student to remember this as their best year, Nadim promises that more exceptional moments are on the horizon.

Leadership Qualities: Confidence, kindness, and a resilient mentality rank top on Nadim’s list.

Jaafar Fawaz, 8th Grade - Vice President

Reason for Running: Jaafar had ideas he believed were essential for the school. Running for VP made sure his ideas weren’t hidden.
Year Ahead: Supporting the president and taking charge when necessary, Jaafar also highlights the need for “fun in learning” rather than monotonous worksheets.

Hassan Tarraf, 8th Grade - Secretary

Reason for Running: Seeing an opportunity to improve the school experience, Hassan’s journaling skills made him the perfect fit for secretary.

Role: Ensuring no idea is lost by diligently noting them and revisiting.

Organizing Strategy: Hassan will rely on Google Docs and Calendar for seamless meeting organization, while Google Sheets will assist in accurate minute keeping.

Maya S. Berry, 8th Grade - Treasurer

Reason for Running: Maya’s love for math drew her to the treasurer’s position.

Budget Management: Using Google Docs, Maya is set to responsibly manage the council’s budget.

Fundraising Excitement: The upcoming Valentine’s flowers have Maya excited for their cute appeal.

We’re incredibly proud of our new council members and excited about the year ahead. Stay tuned for updates and highlights! And no worries about the delay; everyone gets a mulligan once in a while. Here’s to a fantastic school year! 📚🎉