alt image CCEF Gala
Byblos Banquet Hall, September 22, 2023

The Crestwood community experienced a night for the history books as they celebrated the first inaugural Crestwood Community Education Foundation Gala at the magnificent Byblos Banquet Hall.

The evening began with the resonant melodies of the Crestwood Jazz Band, setting an ambiance of enthusiasm and pride. As attendees explored the hall, they were treated to impressive displays by the Crestwood Robotics Club, NHS, and Science Club. It was evident that the district’s diverse talents are not limited to academic achievements alone.

With rooms brimming with alumni and representatives from every school within the Crestwood district, the sense of unity and shared pride was palpable. Dr. Mosallam eloquently captured the evening’s spirit, noting, “Every brick in our foundation is a testament to collective ambition. When the Crestwood community unites, we don’t just make progress; we redefine possibilities.”

The audience was held spellbound by the Drama Club’s rendition of their summer musical, Matilda. Emceed by Tarik Turfee, a Crestwood alumnus, successful attorney, and the varsity basketball coach for Crestwood High School, the evening progressed seamlessly.

One of the highlights of the night was Hamid Souidean, another esteemed Crestwood alumnus turned successful attorney, who shared his inspiring journey through the district. His heartfelt speech reinforced the transformative power of the Crestwood education system.

Special mention must be made of Sahar Mashhour from SM Photography, who captured the essence of the night through her lens, ensuring these cherished moments would be remembered for years to come.

The president of the Crestwood Community Education Foundation, Walaa Hamad, took to the stage to shed light on the foundation’s mission and vision. Her passionate call for unity emphasized the importance of investing not just in the present but in the bright future of every Crestwood student.

An evening of such grandeur would be incomplete without acknowledging the behind-the-scenes heroes. A standing ovation to Ibrahim Hamad and his company, Infinity Creatives. Their impeccable AV craftsmanship was pivotal in ensuring the event was a visual and auditory delight. As Walaa Hamad jovially mentioned, while she might have ‘volunTOLD’ Ibrahim into the role, he delivered with unmatched passion and precision.

To the entire Crestwood community – educators, students, alumni, and supporters – last evening was a beautiful testament to our shared journey and commitment. As we step forward, let’s continue to champion and uplift our district’s potential. Because, as Walaa Hamad rightfully noted, “we are not just building a foundation; we are crafting a legacy.”